Preparing to Take the Police Exam for the Top Law Enforcement Jobs

When you have undergone courses in criminal justice or gone through other pre employment police training, you are now ready to take the police exam. However, before you go take that test you need to know where to go and what will be expected of you. This will help you better prepare for the police test or sheriffs exam.

Top Points to Remember in the Police Exam

  • Preparation is key
  • Study and absorbing education presented to you is important
  • Conduct is as important as study in preparation

There are many things to keep in mind before you go to take the police test. You will need to make sure that you prepare completely for what you are about to take on, especially in the academy. While in academy you will need to study and absorb all material given to you for sheriffs exam. You will also need to make sure that you conduct yourself in a way becoming of a police officer, keeping your record clean.

Top Police Tests Around the Country

  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Illinois
  • Washington
  • Nevada

These five states are the top paying states in the country, and therefore the best places to take the police exam or sheriffs exam. You should consider taking the exam in one of these states if at all possible. They have more strenuous testing to go along with the higher pay, but if you can pass the police test in these states then you are certain to get a job in any state.

New Jersey

In New Jersey you must take a police test in order to gain admittance to the police academy. There are alternative academies that you can get into without taking this test, but you are not guaranteed a job if you go this route. The police test includes questions that will test your basic skills, common sense, and judgment. Sheriffs exam at NJ is held at par with police test.


In order to become a police officer in California you have to go through an approved police academy. You may also be required to have an associates or bachelors degree in law enforcement or criminal justice. This education will prepare you to take the police exam that will be presented to you at the end of academy. In order to graduate you must pass this test, which will cover procedure and judgment, as well as common sense and basic skills. A huge number of candidates appear for sheriffs exam in California.


In Illinois you have to have an associates degree before you can apply for the police academy and take the police test. You also have to be over twenty one and meet certain guidelines, such as not having any felonies and being a US citizen.


In order to be accepted into the police academy in Washington, you have to pass several police exam tests. You will have to pass a basic math skills test, which may also test your basic common sense and judgment. You will also have to take psychological and polygraph tests. Based on the same guidelines, sheriffs exam is the top draw among all tests for civil jobs taken in Washington.


Of the top five paying states, Nevada has the fewest requirements for the police academy. You must pass a background check and be twenty one in order to be accepted into the academy. Once you go through the academy you will have to pass the police test in order to make sure that you have absorbed all of the education presented to you before you can become a police officer.